The Hunger Games editor to win Hollywood Editor Award

The Hunger Games‘ editor, Stephen Mirrione, is scheduled to win the Hollywood Editor Award.

Stephen Mirrione, who will win the Hollywood Editor Award, just finished Contagion, his sixth collaboration with Steven Soderbergh, and Clooney’s The Ides of March. He won the editing Oscar for Soderbergh’s 2000 Traffic. Mirrione has edited all the films Clooney directed, starting withConfessions of a Dangerous Mind and including Good Night, and Good Luck, for which Mirrione won editing noms from BAFTA and American Cinema Editors. For Alejandro González Iñárritu, he edited 2010 foreign language Oscar nominee Biutiful21 Grams, for which he earned a BAFTA nom, and Babel, which earned him an Oscar nom, the Cannes Prix Vulcain, and an ACE Eddie. He also editedDoug Liman‘s career-making Swingers and propulsive Go.

Now he’s editing Gary Ross‘ The Hunger Games.

With the impressive feats, we are hoping for the best from the movie!

Thanks for the tip, The Hob!

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