Gary Ross talks The Hunger Games!

In what is the first actual confirmation of the fact, we have Gary Ross talking to Entertainment Weekly as the director of The Hunger Games.

Also, along with this, we now have the official Hunger Games movie twitter!

We get tonnes of interesting tidbits straight from the man. Check out the main points below:

Lionsgate told EW will likely go into production in the late spring of 2011

“I’ve talked to Suzanne extensively and I feel like I understand the character really, really well,” he said. “I feel like I know who that girl needs to be.”

Ross dispelled the notion that there are already leading contenders for the role. “I’ve read in the press that there are frontrunners but that’s not the case.” There has been much clamoring online to cast an unknown, a possibility Ross hasn’t ruled out. “I honestly don’t know,” he said. “We’ll cast the right person for the part. Lionsgate has been great in the respect that they don’t feel that this needs a movie star in Katniss’ role. The greatest thing about the franchise and the books being the star is that we can cast whoever we want. So we all feel like we’re just going to cast the right person.”

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