How to Find the Best Beard Trimmer

When you need to find the best beard trimmer there are a lot of choices on the market today. Braun, Panasonic, and Philips each have their own version, so it can be difficult finding the best one. In addition, there are also cheap beard trimmers, but they’re often not backed up by a warranty. To find the best beard trimmer, your first consideration may be price. Beard trimmers can range widely in price, but around $100 is a good price point. This will ensure that you’re purchasing the best beard trimmer, but aren’t going overboard on price.

You may also wish to check on the warranty. A beard trimmer that’s backed up by a two year warranty is one that’s going to be well-built, and last for a long time. A trimmer that is also cordless and rechargeable is better than a corded one, and can more easily be used to shave all over the body. It should also have the capability of being used wet or dry.

ability to attach different comb lengths

Other things to look for in a trimmer is the ability to attach different comb lengths, and to select different lengths of hair. No matter if you’re trying to maintain a goatee, or a long beard, you should be able to choose the optimum shaving length for you. With all of these requirements in mind, the Panasonic ER-GB80-S Body and Beard Trimmer may just be what you’ve been looking for, the best beard trimmer. This trimmer comes in an attractive light silver design, with black rubberized grip so you don’t drop if you choose to use it with water.

The Panasonic ER-GB80-S beard and body trimmer is cordless and rechargeable. This model has also won awards. It has a large ON button on the front, and a black dial, so you can choose your optimum beard or hair length. The blades contained within the trimmer are built for durability, as well as being extra sharp. They are built at a 45 degree angle and are made from stainless steel, to cut more efficiently. You can effectively use this hair trimmer to cut beard, body, and scalp hair. Each of these blades has been designed to cut cleanly through even the thickest, unruliet, and densest of hair.

stainless steel blades which are hypo-allergenic

Besides the stainless steel blades which are hypo-allergenic, this trimmer will shave well on even the most sensitive skin. The blades ensure a safe trimming experience, and are designed to be non-irritating. The trimmer comb attachments also protect the skin, to ensure a safe, comfortable cut. The comb has rounded edges to minimize tugging and pulling during trimming. This trimmer enables you to quickly and easily use the trimmer dial to choose your setting. With the addition of one of three comb attachments, a man will have the choice of 39 different precision settings for personalized hair trimming, sculpting, and detailing. You can choose from an assortment of hair lengths, including 0.5 to 20 millimeters. The A comb can be used for closer and cleaner mustache and beard trimming, while the B comb can be used for a longer and fuller hair look.

affordable, but quality

The Panasonic ER-GB80-S trimmer is comfortable and fits nicely in the hand. The rubberized grip makes it anti-slip and allows for perfect control too. On the front of this trimmer is also a pop-up trimmer, which is useful for trimming mustache, sideburns, or contouring around beards. This is a convenient all-in-one men’s hair trimmer. This trimmer is around $100, making it an affordable, but quality purchase. It comes with a two year warranty, so you can be confident to choose the best beard trimmer available nowadays.