5 Secrets to Amazing Online Flight Deals

Airfare costs have been skyrocketing the past few years. People are cutting back on flights, and staying home, but fortunately, there are still ways to find some great online flight deals. With a bit of knowledge, you can be ready for when the flight deals do come up. Don’t bother paying full price for a flight, it’s simply not worth it.

Here are five secrets to some amazing online flight deals, so that you don’t miss out on your chance for a great vacation this year.

1. Travel between January and February.

This is the best time to find deals, as airlines are trying to sell seats for the post-holiday seasonal slump. Many people are tired and burned out after the holidays, and they have so many bills that they cut back on spending.

There may also be some great deals offered for the bigger cities, such as Atlanta, Boston, and Chicago. These cities are colder in the winter and are less desirable travel destinations during this time. Yet there is still plenty to do—these cities have some world-class museums, theaters, and other indoor attractions. Be sure to book before mid-February to get the best deal.

2. Follow airline Twitter accounts.

Often the best deals are tweeted, and you have only an hour or so to sign up. Be ready to go on your flight with minimum notice. This means going when it’s cheap, and being flexible on location.

3. Sign up for alerts and newsletters.

There are many flight deal websites, such as AirFareWatchDog, where you can sign up. You’ll receive alerts and newsletters about upcoming specials Be sure to read these immediately, to take advantage of the cheapest flights. You’ll be able to find some great flight deals around the USA.

4. Visit dedicated low-fare websites.

Instead of constantly hunting down the best deal by visiting airline websites, visit websites such as SkyScanner. This site presents all low fares in one convenient place. You can choose your destination, or “everywhere”, and the dates you wish to travel. This site will reveal the cheapest options for you, all on one page.

5. Select the cheapest day of the week to travel.

Friday to Sunday are often the busiest days to fly, as people want to get in a mini-vacation before returning to work on Monday. Be flexible, so you can take advantage of some great flight deals on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

It’s also cheaper to select the first flight in the morning, or a red-eye. The two other times that make people hesitant to fly are lunch time and dinner time flights.

6. Be online when the deals hit the net.

Most discounted flights are posted at Tuesday, 3 pm, eastern time. Be sure to peruse the specials, as they’ll either be sold out, or they’ll be pulled by Thursday.

Once you learn the secrets to cheaper flights, you’ll be able to book your next vacation, without paying full price.